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08/06/12 05:14am


I have a system of ordinary differential equations set up in a function so they can take their parameter values from an array e.g {k1,k2,k3}.

I then plot the output of NDSolve for the equations (a time course simulation).

I would like to be able to "scan" the parameter values and observe the steady state value of the ordinary differential equations.

At the moment, I have something like this:


solution=NDSolve[equation1'[t]= ..... , equation2'[t]= ........, equation1[0],equation2[0]/.parameters,{equation1,equation2},{t,0,tmax}]

I would like to be able to input a range of values for the parameters k1,k2,k3 and plot the steady state of equation[1] and equation[2] in response to the changes.

Is the possible in Mathematica? I was wondering about creating some kind of heat map, but I am very new to Mathematica and struggling with the code.

Thanks for any assistance.

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