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02/26/97 10:45am

Reply to message #175 from Jean-Paul B. Kalonji: > What do I needs
to do in order to have my signal processing package to work in the
version 3.0? > I installed in version 2.2.4 it works but after upgrading
to 3.0 I can't have it work. > The comment I give it is: > Needs[''SignalProcessing`Master`'']
and it is telling me that could not load or needs was not executed.
> I installed it in the packages subdirectory of both version... >
Oh I feel desperate... > > Thanks > Jean-Paul > Hello Jean-Paul, See
the forum article: Forum Moderator - Signals and Systems and V3.0
I lost track of this query because it was sent as a reply to another
unrelated query. Unless you are replying directly to another Forum
contributer, please create a new message for each new query. Thanks,
Forum Moderator

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