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Randy Silvers
09/28/99 07:32am

I have several variables which have similar names. I want at the start of the notebook to symbolize each of these without having to enter a separate command for each one. How can I symbolize a list of variables? Is there a way to symbolize all varialbes that have subscripts of a certain character?

For example, *L1, *L2, *H1, *H2, *L1`, *L2`, *H1`, *H2` are eight variables I want to symbolize (I have subscripted the L1, L2, ... and the latter four are all primes). The following works:


I would like to do this all in one string as:

This does not work, as Symbolize[{*L1,*L2}] and Symbolize[NotationTagBox[{*L1,*L2}]] also don't work.

Finally, is there a way to symbolize every term that is *subscript?

As in: Symbolize[*subscript, *subscript&prime]


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