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08/13/12 7:30pm


I'm doing a lot of algebra in mathematica, and I want to simplify expressions by outputting parts of them as functions (and not the value of those functions).

The main problem is that I want to replace some bit in an equation, say g(x) e^(w x ) with f(x).

(Note: g(x) is some general function of x I do not define).

But any time I want to differentiate , I want mathematica to output the derivative as:

g'(x) e^{w x} + w f(x)

That is, I want mathematica to keep things in terms of f(x) as much as possible.

I'm sorry if this wasn't clear, it is a weird example, I know. If anybody has any idea of how I can do this, that would be awesome.


p.s. I have tried playing around with the // . (or replace) command, it doesn't seem to replace expressions with actual functions...

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substituting functions in algebra Al 08/13/12 7:30pm
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