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02/26/97 11:00am

Reply to message #146 from Greim: > At the Empowerment Tour demo,
a feature was enabled in the front end that I have not been able to
find. > When entering a function name, Mathematica would bring up
a list of choices with all functions beginning with the already entered
text. > This eliminated the need to speel out the entire function
name and the need to remember the correct spelling. > > Please let
me know how to enable this feature. Hello, You are looking for Complete
Selection which in V3.0.0.0 is available under the Input menu. The
keyboard shortcut for Complete Selection for your platform will be
listed in the menu. To use this feature type the first few charaters
of the command you want to use. Then select Complete Selection from
the Input menu or use the keyboard shortcut. If there is only one
possible completion for what you have typed, the completion will be
made. If there is more than one possible completion, you will be presented
with a menu like selector. Forum Moderator

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