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Andy Mayers
11/05/99 11:02am

>Who knows how to solve the dif. Eq. in Mathematica 3.
>Here is the Eq. a Uxx == Ut

>where U(x,t), Uxx is the second derivade of the function in x and Ut is the first derivade in t.


>The solution is: Exp[at][A Sin[ax]+B Cos[ax]]


>Please mail me. Thanks,.

A good book on the solution of this equation is ''Advanced Engineering Mathematics'' by Erwin Kreyszig. Sections 11.5 and 11.6 cover the Heat equation which is the same differential equation.

Unfortunately, we ended up force-feeding the solution into our program, as Mathematica version 3.0 does not solve partial differential equations of this form.

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