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01/31/13 05:09am

I've got a function that calculates the 2-norm of the product of two other functions:


However, when I ask for the partial derivative wrt x, I get:

(df/dx) Norm'[f[x,y]] (sorry for the weird notation)

I don't understand how can I calculate the (non-partial) derivative of the norm, as it's a function of two variables.

To visualize this, let's say I have a 2D grid with slowly increasing x values on the x axis and similarly for the y axis, with Norm[f[x,y]] being the evaluated point at each (x,y) point. I would expect those values to have a different rate of change along the x-axis than along the y-axis, which would be given by the derivative of the norm wrt x and y respectively.

Does anybody have an understanding of this?


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