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08/21/12 03:37am

hi all. Here is part of my code:

For[xx = 10^14, xx <= 10^18, xx = xx*10,
For[yy = 1, yy < 9, yy++,
xx] = {Table[y, {y, 200, 500, 50}],
With[{N = xx}, Table[\[Mu]e[N], {T, 200, 500, 50}]]};
Subscript[alist, xx] = Transpose[Subscript[list, xx]]

And so I have a bunch of matrices (specifically 5) that I would like to plot using ListPlot. I could plot them Like this:
ListLogLogPlot[{Subscript[alist, 10^14], Subscript[alist, 10^15],
Subscript[alist, 10^16], Subscript[alist, 10^17], Subscript[alist,

However, I was wondering if there is a better way to do this, maybe through iteration? I have tried many times but with no positive outcome. Anyone?

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