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02/26/97 11:41am

Reply to message #87 from Paul Lee: > In addition to my earlier problem
with help browser posted earlier, I also cannot load the add-on routines
such as <<Caluculus'FourierTransform', despite the fact that I installed
the Standard-Add-on package onto my hard drive. > (I am using Win
95, installed Mathematica 3.0 from an external CD via parallel port.
I have installed the essential files plus the standard add-on packages.
> > Also, I cannot run MMa directly from my CD. > > What is the problem?
Any solutions? > > Thanks in advance. > > > Paul Lee > Hello, It looks
like you are using apostrophes ( ' ) instead of the backquote ( `
) as the separator when you load the package. Try: Get[''Calculus`FourierTransform`'']
or Needs[''Calculus`FourierTransform`''] The backquote usually shares
a key with the tilde ( ~ ) and is usually in the upper left corner
of your keyboard. Forum Moderator

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