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Jason Amsden
10/04/99 4:04pm

Recently in my mechanics and quantum mechanics classes, I have needed to evauate integrals of the forms Integrate[Sqrt[a/r - b], r], and Integrate[1/Sqrt[-a*x^2 + b*x + c], x]. Mathematica 4.0 displays answers in the forms
r*Sqrt[(a - b*r)/r] + (I*a*Log[2*r*Sqrt[(a - b*r)/r] - (I*(-a + 2*b*r))/Sqrt[b]])/
(I*Log[-((I*(-b + 2*a*x))/Sqrt[a]) + 2*Sqrt[c + b*x - a*x^2]])/Sqrt[a]

My integral tables have these forms as well as forms involving inverse trig functions. For physics problems the logarithmic forms are extremely annoying to deal with. I can not figure out how to convert the log forms to trig forms on mathematica 4.0. ExpToTrig[] does not work.

Any suggestions?

Jason Amsden
University of Maine

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