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Peter Hecht
10/09/99 07:55am

If X is a standard normal random variable (mean=0, standard deviation=1), there exists a formula for E[X^n], where
E[] represents the expected value operator and ''n'' represents the power.

If I translate my problem into mathematica language and ask it to solve it, Mathematica will just spit back E[X^n] as the answer, instead of giving me the well known formula.

How do I get mathematica to solve a problem like the one described above?

The same problem occurs when integrating other functions, f(X, n), that have clear solutions as a function of n. Maybe, Mathematica does not have the ability to ''see'' the pattern in the solutions as a function of n.


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integrating functions with variable parameters Peter Hecht 10/09/99 07:55am
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