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Philip Kromer
02/27/97 8:22pm

Reply to message #185 from Forum Moderator: > Reply to message #174
from Scott Pletcher: > > In my case, Mathematica will not load the
add on packages. I get a 'cant open Statistics'DataManipulation '
(or whatever package I am trying to load). I performed the standard
installation, and all the files are where they should be. Is the a
pointer somewhere that could be off? Thanks > > > > > Hello, > > It
looks like you are using apostrophes > ( ' ) instead of the backquote
( ` ) > as the separator when you load the > package. > > Try: > >
Get[''Statistics`DataManipulation`''] > > or > > Needs[''Statistics`DataManipulation`'']
> > The backquote usually shares a key with > the tilde ( ~ ) and
is usually in the > upper left corner of your keyboard. Two other
problems that seem very easy to make are 1) to put in an initial backtick:
<<`Calculus`VariationalMethods ^^^^ THIS IS WRONG 2) to leave off
the final backtick: <<Calculus`VariationalMethods ^^^^ THIS IS WRONG
Get and << give the generic error Get::noopen: ''Cannot open ''Calculus`VariationalMethods''''
when either of these errors occur. Needs, on the other hand, gives
a useful error. Finally, you should also check your $Path. Just type
in $Path at the prompt; it should include the addons directory. One
thing that can cause problems here is if you have a v2.2 init.m lying
around; it may be setting the path to the old version's directories.

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