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Peter Pein
08/26/12 5:17pm

Hi Amir,

after losing patience I used a simpler approach. y is just a phase shift and has no influence to the value of the integral. 2 Pi is a multiple of the period w.r.t. x and due to the even powers there is a bit more symmetry.

So defining
f[x_, y_, a_] = (1 + a^4 Tan[2 x - 2 y]^2)/(1 + a^2 Tan[2 x - 2 y]^2);

the value at x==k*Pi/4, k integer, y==0 has to be determined by the use of limits. So I added an intermediate point of integration at Pi/4.

the value of the integral is

value = Simplify[
4*Integrate[f[x, 0, a], {x, 0, Pi/4, Pi/2},
Assumptions -> Element[a, Reals]]

this evaluates to
Pi*(2 - a + 2*a^2 - Abs[a])
in a few seconds.

For a in {-1, 0, 1} this value is 2*Pi.

maybe the wrong result you got is due to the removable singularities at x = k*Pi/4 + Mod[y, Pi/4]?


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