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M. Azim
10/10/99 7:02pm

Mathematica Ver.3.0

Is it possible to pass values by pass-by-reference or by pass-by-pointer
rather than by pass-by-value, in functions?

For example: Consider the following pseudocode:

(*******program to increment each element of list********)

(****The desired output is: {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8}*******)

If this function is called by the statement:

then the original list is outputed. However, had the list been passed by
reference (or as a pointer) as in the following C/C++ pseudocode, then
the original list would've been changed.

//prototype for function IncrementList
List IncrementList(List& ListOne);

So: Is it possible to pass-by-reference or pass-by-pointer in
Mathematica??? (It should be since it was written in C?C++?

Thanx in advance for replies.

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