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Denis Areshkin
10/18/99 06:14am

Dear audience / moderator,

I would appreciate any advice on the following problem:

I have Mathematica 4.0 installed on two machines running Windows NT 4.0. I can not run remote kernel on one machine while using the Front End on another one.
Is it generally possible to run remote kernel on NT Machine? Do I need some additional software (e.g. Telnet Daemon) to do that?

Here is some data that may be pertinent to the problem:

Both machines are connected to the Internet, and have permanent IP addresses. They belong to the same workgroup. So far I have not experienced any network-related problems, i.e. Telnet, ftp, webbrowsers, network drives, computer browsers etc. work fine. The computer on which I intended to run the remote kernel has Telnet daemon, which allows the remote connection through Telnet TO this NT machine. Both computers use the same login/password.

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