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John Kath
10/15/99 11:14pm

[This message was originally posted to general tech support, I am now resubmitting it to the student support forum (as I use the student version of Mathematica 4). Although my original post was kindly answered, the response I recieved through e-mail was unreadable (I use Microsoft Outlook 2000).]

Dear Tech Support,

I have recently upgraded to the new student version of Mathematica. It looks like most of the little glitches with version 3.0 have been ironed out, which of course is great. Anyway, mathematica is an excellent product.
Its nice to have the full functionality of the Professional Edition at student rates for those of us who are students.

My problem is that I need some good LaTex support. I was able to get the Mathematica virtual fonts to work with the version of TeX on my Win 98 PC (MikTeX). I also upgraded to the most recent version of TeXSave. How can I -

1. Check to see that the newer version of TeXSave that I installed is actually being implemented, and not the original version.

2. Clear up the following problems:
(i) Notebooks saved in TeX format seem to require an additional style file for TeX when images are in the notebook. This file is epsf.sty, one which is not included with the standard MiKTeX distribution. I located this
file on the Internet and installed it, but wonder if this could be a problem(see below).
(ii) When compiling the TeX source generated for a notebook via LaTex I get a bunch of errors relating to the insertion of .eps files into the .dvi file. In the final .ps file (apparently with MiKTeX one can't view .dvi files with Mathematica fonts) no .eps images are placed into the
document; instead there is a reference to the original .eps file indicated amongst the rest of the document.
(iii) Notebooks which don't have images seem to fare better. Even these differ from their notebook counterparts once written to .ps files. For example bulleted items are saved without the bullets, and some text is
formatted differently than the original notebook (centered equations don't look quite correct in some instances).

Perhaps TeXSave can't produced .tex source files which exactly match the original notebook. I'm just hoping to get fairly good .tex output from a notebook and not have an issue with including images properly in the .tex source file.

Thanks for your help,

J. Kath

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