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John R. Chaffer
10/18/99 04:42am

Hi - I can't seem to get Mathmatica 4 for Students to properly print a notebook with plots in it. I am trying to simply print onto standard 8.5x11 paper with a HP Deskjet 890C on a Micron 450 Mhz Windows 98 machine. Printing is normal, and works fine, from all other programs.
The problem comes in when I try to print a notebook with
plots. Even when there is *plenty* of space remaining on
a page, Mathematica insists on putting every plot on a
brand new page, leaving a great, gaping hole on the previous page. Note, I repeat, there is *plenty* of space on the
previous page. I note that I have a short line of text (one line only) just above the plot (STILL plenty of space!).
When that cell is deleted, it prints all on the same page.

I find NOTHING about this in the online help, or in any of several books I have on Mathematica. In fact, one might comment that the online help is pretty sparse on how to print and use print options. I would not be on here asking this question if I could find it in online help.


John Chaffer
Bellevue, WA

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