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Christian Mikkelsen
10/18/99 06:13am

I need to calculate some expressions involving products of Levi-Civita symbols. This can be quite tedious - especially since I know that most of the terms are likely to vanish at some late stage in the calculation if I am careful.

Alas, I remembered having seen a page filled with Kronecker deltas in the Mathematica Book - just the thing I needed. I have tried various way of getting this to work in particular reproducing the formula from the Formula Gallery in the Mathematica Book. I try things of the sort


Unfortunately, Mathematica interprets the {a,b,c,...} as objects in a standard order and thus returns the product of 1 and 1.

The question is now, how do I tell Mathematica that the letters are representing numbers and that I am not really interested in whether or not I have put the symbols in alphabetical order?



PS. I tried to look at FormulaGallery.nb which I found at Wolfram's website but it didn't help me.

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