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Erik Neumann
10/18/99 06:19am

Hi, I love Mathematica and I use it to do all my math homework. I wind up with lots of text and inline formula cells mixed together. I also do lots of copying and pasting.

I'm noticing very frequent crashes with the above activities. Mean time to failure is about 20 minutes, or about 1 minute if I focus on copy/paste of inline formulas in a text cell (ie. just trying to get it to crash).

A symptom that always occurs prior to the crash is this: I paste an inline formula cell within my text cell and what gets displayed is wrong -- there are multiples (2 to 5) of the thing I pasted covering various lines (note that these are sort of ''ghost'' versions of the inline cell... they can't be selected and edited). As soon as I see that I know a crash is imminent, so I hit save. Sure enough if I keep working it will crash.

I haven't found any place on your site that mentions what the most current version is for my machine, or a history of bugs or outstanding bugs or etc. Is there such a place on the site?

Here is info on the version I am running:



''4.0 for Microsoft Windows (July 16, 1999)''



Erik Neumann

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