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Axel Gallrein
02/27/97 10:59am

I'm running Linux 2.0.21, Motif 1.2.5, CDE 1.0.10 and my X-Server
is the Accelerated-X 2.1. Since I have a Matrox Millenium card, I
cannot use the XFree86 X-Server. The keyboard is german. My problem
are the keys which have to be accessed via the ALT_R key. (Both brackets,
backslash.. on the german keyboard) They don't seem to exist, meaning
the FrontEnd does not display the corresponding characters. By a procedure
I haven't been able to reproduce (deleting cells, moving in menues...)
they all of a sudden work. They work everywhere else, so I don't know
wether the FrontEnd, CDE or the X-Server is the problem (in the end
it's probably the system administrator,in this case me). I need help

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