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09/01/12 08:29am

Hey There,
Its the first time I post in this forum, so i hope to get an helpfull answer.

I try to export a normal Plot as an ".PNG", with a frame and some framelabels. Nothing special.

But when I use the option: ImageResolution -> 300, on Export[], then the exported Image looks not very satisfying, wich means that the framelabels are to far away from the frame of the plot.

Why does this happen?

Here is an example, you can try it and you'll see what i mean:

Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, 2 \[Pi]}],
ImageSize -> 600,
PlotLabel -> "Problem with FrameLabel & ImageResolution",
PlotRangePadding -> Scaled[0.1],
Frame -> True,
FrameLabel -> {"horizontal Label", "vertical Label"},
LabelStyle -> Large
Export["FrameLabelProblem.PNG", %, ImageResolution -> 300]
Import["FrameLabelProblem.PNG", ImageSize -> 600]

Thank you in advance!


Attachment: ImageResolutionProblem.nb, URL: ,

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