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11/02/99 07:41am

>Hi there I am after any information on how to move an object that is already plotted across the screen (called animation). I have looked in afew books but have not got a great deal out of them and even tried the help within mathematica but can not find how to do it. Any help on where to look or the commands that has to be used would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


Try this 2D object first, 3D is the same idea..
Table[Show[Graphics[Circle[{x, Sin[x]}, .5]],
PlotRange -> {{-11, 11}, {-2, 2}}, AspectRatio -> .2], {x, -10, 10}];

(* Moderator's Note: then select the group of output cells
and use Animate Selected Graphics from the Cell menu *)

Good Luck

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Animate 3D objects R.ROBINSON 10/22/99 2:40pm
Re: Animate 3D objects TC 11/02/99 07:41am
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