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Rick Hansken
10/25/99 07:54am

I am having difficulty with the margins of the graphics when they are exported as metafiles. I am running Mathematica version (Student) and importing into Microsoft Word 97 SR-2. The plots include Frames->True. In one case I have a plot label above the graphic. When imported the bottom frame line is not displayed. In another I also included FrameLabel->{StyleForm[''X Values'', FontSize->20, FontWeight->''Bold''],StyleForm[''Y Values'', FontSize->20, FontWeight->''Bold'']}. Two problems occur with this when it is imported. First the right frame line is not displayed in MW Word and the Y Value label rotates 90 degrees and is displayed horizontally across my graph.

I have looke at the ImageMargins capability but have not gotten it to correct the frame line disappearance and I need help with keeping the frame label in the vertical display mode.

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Exporting Graphics as Windows Metafiles Rick Hansken 10/25/99 07:54am
Re: Exporting Graphics as Windows Metafiles TC 11/02/99 07:36am
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