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Fabrice P. Laussy
11/13/99 07:10am

>Does anybody know how to export 3D graphics realized with Amimate or 3DMovie functions to a quick time file or MPEG file?
>A code example would be much appreciated.

This recalls me a problem of mine. Actually, my first coming to this forum (hi Tom) was to ask how to export an animation. Since then, I've figured out a way to do it, because I think Mathematica can't do it all by herself. I hope it will give you ideas.

An animation is just a set of images, you know. Whence the idea, you actually export each image--not the animation--and then, with help of an outside program, you build your animation. The outside intervener being for me whirlgif, I guess that if you can't run it you know how to build an animation from its images.

Here is how I proceeded from the Mathematica point of view, the last time I needed to (I used to do differently, but if everything's all right with me, the last is the best):

You begin with


putting a path suitable for you. It's built for a maximum of 99 images, and for animated gif. You can build a thousand pictures animation of jpeg if you adapt this command and the one below. It's such designed that first image is named image01.gif, not simply image1.gif, because animation builders often require image numbering to come in this way (at least, whirlgif does).

After this comes the actual exportation:


The animation was generated by command line In[90], and as a lousy boy, I got it this way. But that should work.

Hope this helps.


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