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Yonh HE
11/02/99 07:03am


I just bought your mathematica for students. My question
is the follows: in Mathematica Book, 3.4.4. you showed how to solve
simutanious equations: Solve
[{ax+by=1,x-y=2}, {x,y}] and you get x =-(-1-2b)/(a+b), and
y=-(-1+2a)/(a+b). But ss I tried to
imitate you, with exactly the same model, there is always a message: SVARS,
equations may not
give solutions for all ''solve''variables out() {{x=2+y}}. Why this difference
relating to your
demostration? Maybe something wrong with my installation?

More generally, is mathematica limited as there are many abstract
parameters (that is a, b c, r
etc. rather than numerical numbers, 1.2.3 etc.) in the model?
Third related question is, for ConstrainedMax or Constrained Min, can one
use abstract parameters
(x+b<a instead of x+b<1)?

Thank you for your answer

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