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Nasser M. Abbasi
09/05/12 5:26pm

(A Sin (wt) )^3

to first order sine's and cosine's. Doing it by hand it should look something like

a Sin(wt) - b Sin(3wt) + c Sin(wt)

Using which hand generated the above?

When one claims something, they should either show the work, or post a reference (unless the claim is trivially obvious).

Mathematica says

term = a Sin[w t]^3;

Out[24]= 1/4 (3 a Sin[t w]-a Sin[3 t w])

Also, try to use Mathematica notations so it is easier to copy paste from your question. Do not use UPPER case symbols in Mathematica. Use lower case only. Also `wt` is not the same as `w t`. space is very important.

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