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02/08/13 10:59am

Okay, so I`m trying to do some stuff, and I need to solve an equation using Solve, but I have a little problem, as it returns empty list.

My Command is this:

Solve[x == 0.5 && y == 1 && z == 1 && planehelp == 0, dhelp]

this command returns this: {}

planehelp is: dhelp - 0.5 x + 0.5 y + 0.5 z

Now, I made the calculations, and it should return {dhelp -> -0.75}, it did return this on another computer, where I wrote this command, but now I need to use it on another computer, and it just returns nothing. Any ideas why it does that, or how to fix it?

Thx, for help.

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problem with Solve ajdy 02/08/13 10:59am
Re: problem with Solve Forum Modera... 02/08/13 2:21pm
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