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Tanuj Shroff
11/22/99 9:20pm

a question asks us to solve the following problem using a mthematical software as well as on paper. The paperwork is nearly done. However, having access to only Mathematica as our 'mathematical software' it is seemingly impossible to apply any of the commands I have known, in order to solve it.

Q. Player A will shut out (win by a score of 21-0) a player B in a game of racquetball with probability

P= (1+p)/2 * {{p/(1-p+p^2)}^21}

where p denotes the probabilyt that A will win any specific rally (independant of the server).
determine, to within 10^(-3) , the minimal value of p that will ensure that A will shut out B in at least half the methods.

We have to solve the problem using a numerical method technique. Any advance on this proble will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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