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Owen Graham
02/11/13 4:46pm


I want to find the expansion coefficients for a function, f[y] by setting the expansion, ex[y] equal to the function at some number 'N' points (which i'm calling a,b,c... for clarity).


ex[y]= Sum[SetOfCoeffs[n] BasisFunction[n], {n,1,N}]

So the idea of what I want to do is


My first attempt is to index a set of N points x[i] (i=1,2,...N) then use a table:


But this method doesn't seem to work even for much simpler lists of equations.
The other problem I face is somehow telling Mathematica to solve for EVERY expansion coefficient.

Any directions would be useful, cheers

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Solving a list of equations Owen Graham 02/11/13 4:46pm
Re: Solving a list of equations Bill Simpson 02/12/13 12:54pm
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