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Nataraj Dasgupta
11/27/99 09:09am

Dear Mr. Hinton,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. It has been highly appreciated. I had a further question on the same problem. If the limits of integration were not real values, but instead were functions, how can the graph be
plotted ?

Say we had SS x^2 + y^2 dxdy (S - symbol of integration) and the limits of integration for x was from 0 to y and for y from 0 to say 3, how can one go about plotting a graph for this ?
Now, this problem would require a polar transformation whereby, we can set limits for r and theta. But, what procedure may be adopted to display the
graph using Mathematica.

To make it simpler, could we draw a graph for say y=x^2 where the limits of x are 0 to y=2x ?

Thanks in advance for all the help,

Nataraj Dasgupta.

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