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09/08/12 6:58pm

What I need is a table generated by the code:

data[n_]:= RandomInteger[{23,48},{20,n}];

Can be manipulated in the following code:

g[1]:= Table[Max[data[[i]]- Min[data[[i]]],{i,1,Length[data]}];

g[2]:= Table[Max[data[[i]]- Min[data[[i]]],{i,1,Length[data]}];

But when trying to use the Manipulate command, the error arises that is not running the table raised in g [1], g [2], I hope I can help solve my problem because I still have more things to implement

{{r,1,"Data"},{1-> "G1",2->"G2}},

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Manipulating table luis 09/08/12 6:58pm
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