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Nuber Andi
12/21/99 7:42pm

Hi, I have 2 Problems and would be happy if s.o. could answer them:
1)can Mathematica also solve an inequation if it depends also on a parameter?
e.g. InequalitySolve[f\_k[x] < 0, x]
when I tried it Mathematica couldn't do it, it worked only with concrete values(e.g. for k=2).

2) How can I define that Mathematica only uses certain values
e.g. f\_k[x_]:=(k*x)/(x^2-k^2) with x > 0
or that Solve[Log[-4+x^2]==5,x] with x > 5 gives me only the positive Solution (or the one which fits with the definition set)and not both?
Thanks a lot for the answers previously!


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