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Kurt Taretto
12/21/99 7:40pm

1) I have always printing notebooks, because the pages do not fit with the notebooks and vice-versa. Is there any way to force Mathematica to print ALWAYS to A4 paper, without printing additional pages for wide cells, and without ''cutting'' any content?

2) I'm dealing with some large sparse matrices. I noted that if I create a matrix as a zero matrix, the physical memory required to store it is much less than the memory required if I create an array and fill it with ''0's''. Sadly, I can't use the zeromatrix as a numerical matrix, because for example N[1+Null]=1.+Null.
Is any way out of this?
I also want to make the function MatrixNumberQ, which should return True if a Matrix has numbers and False if otherwise. The function works properly with small matrices, but if one takes for example a 1000x1000 matrix the Kernel crashes. Strangely, the Kernel does not crash when I solve a system of eqns. with exactly the same matrix.

I would appreciate any help, thanks!!


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