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William Waight
02/20/13 10:35am


I'm modelling a laser cavity and I am trying to plot the function (1 + F3*((Sin[d/2])^2))^-1; with d going from 0 -> 6Pi.

When I plot this I get the correct peaks in the correct places but they don't all have a height of 1. Futhermore when I change the range I'm plotting in the heights of the peaks change! Can anyone tell me what's going on, please? My full code is below:

R3 = 0.996;
F3 = (4*R3)/(1 - R3)^2;
Plot[(1 + F3 ((Sin[d/2])^2))^-1, {d, 0, 6 Pi},
PlotRange -> {{0, 6 Pi}, {0, 1}}, AxesLabel -> {delta, T}]

Many thanks,


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Problem plotting Functions William Waight 02/20/13 10:35am
Re: Problem plotting Functions Bill Simpson 02/20/13 1:15pm
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