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09/16/12 01:12am

Hi, I'm trying to plot a curve, line, and sphere all as parametric equations on the same plot. I can get the curve a line on the same plot, but not the sphere. The sphere has to parameters, where as the curve and line have one. I can also plot the sphere individually.

line: w[s_] := {-3 + s, 5 + 2 s, 0} -2.5<=s<=3

sphere: b[u_, v_] := {.1*Cos[u] Cos[v], .1 Sin[u] Cos[v], .1 Sin[v]} 0<=u<=2Pi, -Pi/2<=v<=Pi/2

and the curve r[t_] is a rather large piecewise equation.

This works for the line and curve: ParametricPlot3D[{r[t], w[s]}, {t, 0, 10 \[Pi]}, {s, -2.5, 3}]

But how do I add in the sphere?

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Parametric Plots with multiple parameters Brigitte 09/16/12 01:12am
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