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02/20/13 3:15pm

I have been desperately trying to solve this system of differential equations (analytically if possible, numerically if not), but I am TERRIBLE at Mathematica's syntax apparently. I have stared at this for hours and can't get it to do anything resembling what I would like it to.

I have attached the relevant portion of the code to this post.

Essentially when I try to run DSolve to find an analytic solution it just spits back my input at me. I presume that means that it is too complicated or that an analytic solution doesn't exist. Fine.

If I run NDSolve though I get an error saying that I have encountered a non-numerical value at the derivative for t==0. However, as far as I am aware I have provided numeric values for all parameters and initial conditions.

I can't tell you how much I hate Mathematica right now.

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DSolve and NDSolve Brian 02/20/13 3:15pm
Re: DSolve and NDSolve Bill Simpson 02/20/13 11:06pm
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