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09/18/12 07:34am

This is written by an absolute beginner...

I have successfully written the following code, which allows me to manipulate the Normal Distribution for various means and standard deviations:

Plot[PDF[NormalDistribution[\[Mu], \[Sigma]], \[Lambda]], { \
\[Lambda], -35, 35}, Filling -> Axis, PlotStyle -> {Dashed, Thick} ,
Filling -> Axis], {{\[Mu], 0, "Mean"}, 0, 0,
Appearance -> "Labeled"}, {{\[Sigma], 1, "Standard Deviation"}, 1,
15, Appearance -> "Labeled"}]

What I would like to do is create V, and plot V,where V is equal to the Normal Distribution in the above code. My question is, how do I amend the code so that I don't have to write PDF[NormalDistribution etc., but simply use V?

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Manipulating Normally Distributed Variable Ulrik 09/18/12 07:34am
Re: Manipulating Normally Distributed Variable Michael 09/21/12 4:15pm
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