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Frank Lathe
01/29/00 06:17am

Hi !

My name is Frank Lathe, Im a student in Cologne, Germany.
At the moment I have to write a paper about
Mathieu Functions as solutions of the
Mathieu differential equation and their stability.

Now I compute numerical approximations of the solution,
and the radius of convergence is about q<1.

Since I want to use pictures of Mathematicas Mathieu
Functions (and their characteristics), I want to know
how Mathematica computes internally the function
(up to q>30).

To be more precise:
I want only to know, if Mathematica has only a
very ''long'' approximation, or exist there another
way of computing the Mathieu Fuctions, and if so,
any way of getting information about it.

Pre-thanks (and ''Sorry'' for my english)

Frank Lathe

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