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Paul Rombouts
03/22/97 5:50pm

Hello, I'm using Mathematica for Students 3.0 under Windows 95 on
a Pentium machine. When I type a string inside an existing cell, as
soon as I type the opening quote the part of the cell contents after
the quote is parsed as a string. When I type the closing quote the
rest of the cell contents is not always reparsed correctly, which
can give mysterious error messages when I try to evaluate the cell.
This happens most often when the cell contains several assignment
statements, each starting on a new line. I've found that copying the
offending part of the cell as text and then pasting it over the original
can sometimes clean things up. But occasionally I'm forced to edit
the raw cell expression (using the ''Show Expression'' menu item),
which can be very tedious. Does anybody know an elegant way around
this problem?

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