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09/21/12 09:07am

I am trying to solve a set of 4 equations for four variables by using this command:

Solve[{y1 == Sqrt[1 - (x1 - x0)^2/a^2]*b + y0,
y2 == Sqrt[1 - (x2 - x0)^2/a^2]*b + y0,
y3 == Sqrt[1 - (x3 - x0)^2/a^2]*b + y0,
y4 == Sqrt[1 - (x4 - x0)^2/a^2]*b + y0}, {a, b, x0, y0}]

Well, this takes a pretty long time as I found out, and I would like to know if it's worth the wait. Could you somehow estimate how long this calculation might take (just a ballpark figure, hours, days, forever because I did something stupid)? I tried it first with some numerical values for x1,y1... and it calculated in an instant.
I'm running the calculation on an Intel Core i5-2450M with 2.5GHz.

Thank you very much in advance for any guidance on this matter and all the best


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