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Paul Rombouts
03/24/97 5:45pm

Hello, I'm using Mathematica for Students 3.0 under Windows 95 on
a Pentium PC. I rarely use the Mathematica front end without the kernel,
and I would like the kernel to be launched automatically when I start
up the front end. I know how to do this in version 2.2, so I tried
to do the same thing in version 3.0. First I clicked on the ''Kernel
Configuration Options...'' menu item. In the dialog box that appeared
I selected ''Local'' and then clicked on the ''Edit'' button. Then
I checked the box in front of the line ''Automatically launch on front
end startup''. I clicked twice on the OK button, quit and restarted
the front end, but the kernel did not start up automatically. Please
tell me where I went wrong. Thanks.

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