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03/26/97 8:05pm

Reply to message #239 from H. Burke Jensen: > hello, I was wondering
why 2.2.3 can't translate notebooks saved as Pre-3.0 in the new 3.0.
I've tried several times and only 3.0 understands it as 2.x. > > Also,
on my 2.2.3, When any cell is evaluated is locks the cell indefinately
and doesn't even evalutate it. I'm pretty sure it has something to
do with the link to Kernel, but I've set up everything as directed.
Another Windows95 user I know is having the same problem so I stopped
going crazy over it. This would be a very nice problem to fix, or
at least get 3.0 working for 2.2.3. > > Thanks. > -Burke ________________________________________
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ For the Windows 95 issue
see the URL:
For the Notebook conversion issue, you will need to do some editing:
- Open the converted notebook in a plain text editor -After the initial
'(*^', add the following line: ::[ frontEndVersion = ''Microsoft Windows
Mathematica Notebook Front End Version 2.2'';] - For each line that
begins :[font = ''xxx'' where xxx is some style information, remove
the quotes. - save the file as text The V2.2 should then be able to
read and format the notebook although the conversion will may not
be perfect, depending on the contents of the notebook. Our development
staff is aware of the notebook conversion problems. Forum Moderator

URL: ,
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