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Bill Simpson
02/24/13 6:54pm

I think I understand the urge to use For[].

This doesn't show you how to do that, but perhaps you can see how to use this to get the answer you need.

In[1]:= n=4;

In[2]:= Total[Table[x[i],{i,1,n}]]
Out[2]= x[1]+x[2]+x[3]+x[4]

In[3]:= Total[Table[x[i],{i,1,n}]]<100
Out[3]= x[1]+x[2]+x[3]+x[4]<100

In[4]:= Total[Table[i*x[i],{i,1,n}]]<100n
Out[4]= x[1]+2 x[2]+3 x[3]+4 x[4]<400


In[5]:= Table[x[i],{i,1,n}]
Out[5]= {x[1],x[2],x[3],x[4]}

Now assemble pieces like that into Maximize

In[6]:= Maximize[

From In[6]:= Maximize::wksol : Warning: There is no maximum in the region described by the contraints; returning a result on the boundary.

Out[6]= {100,{x[1]->100,x[2]->0,x[3]->0,x[4]->0}}

Perhaps with your actual function n, the function you wish to maximize and your constraints it will not give you a warning and will give the solution you are looking for.

But if you are really asking "given some arbitrary n that I will not tell you find me a maximum" then I do not believe Mathematica will likely do that.

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