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02/22/00 7:40pm

Compilation of MathLinkExamples (ex: make addtwo) using Sun WorkShop Compiler C SPARC produces errors (lots), what to do? Thanks.
Beginning of trace:
make addtwo
cc -c -I../CompilterAdditions addtwotm.c
''../CompilerAdditions/mathlink.h'', line 684: warning: const is a keyword in ANSI C
''..CompilerAdditions/mathlink.h'', line 684: undefined or not a type: const
''../CompilterAdditions/mathlink.h'', line 684: warning: typedef valid only for function declaration
''../CompilerAdditions/mathlink.h'', line 684: parameter not in identifier list: kushortpp_ct
''../CompilerAdditions/mathlink.h'', line 685: warning: only ''register'' valid as formal parameter storage class
''../CompilerAdditions/mathlink.h'', line 685: syntax error before or at: unsigned

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