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David Heaney
02/22/00 7:52pm

Okay its probably not the best idea, but then im not the brightest bulb in the box.

Im trying to draw graphs in Mathematica to include in a project. And what I want is the following.

I want both axes to go through the origin.
I dont want numbers on the axes.
And if I could put Labels on the axes that would be fantastic.

If you want to see the kind of graph I want to plot.
Look how messy this ends up :

f[x_]:=Which[ x< 3, u-1 + c x]
f1[x_]:=Which[ x>=3 && x<5 , u-3 + c x]
f2[x_]:=Which[ x>=5 && x<8 , u-4 + c x]
f3[x_]:=Which[ x>=8 && x<11 , u-7 + c x]

It doesnt draw the whole axes and the numbers clutter it up.

Any help please ?


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