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Sinval Santos
02/23/00 5:51pm

Be the following expression:

exp= ax+Sin[rx+1]-Cos[bx+a];

The coefficients of variable x are: {a , r, b}.
I tried with several forms to collect these coefficients but I didn't get.



01 - exp//Coefficient[#,x,p1]&

02 - exp//Coefficient[#,x,d1]&

03 - exp//Map[Coefficient[#,x]&,#,p1]&
Map[Coefficient[#1,x]&,a x-Cos[a+b x]+Sin[1+r x], {{1,2},{2,2,1,2,2},{3,1,2,2}}

04 - exp//Map[Coefficient[#,x]&,#,d1]&

I didn't get to collect the coefficients of x indicating the positions and the maximum level. I also used MapAt but I didn't get.
In big expressions, to simplify, it is necessary to substitute the coefficients of some variable.
How to do to collect the exp coefficients?.

Sinval Santos

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