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Chuang Iyuan
03/26/97 7:04pm

MathID:6134-53297-22059 License:L2764-8010 Hi, I tried to solve some
questions. However the student version gave me out of memory message
after around one hour. I did these questions on professional version
2.2.3 on school computer lab, and got the results in just few minitues.
Is this the limit of student version? The questions are as follow:
sigma[x_,T_]=(a+c(T-x))Exp[-k(T-x)]+b h1=Integrate[sigma[v,T]*Integrate[sigma[v,s],{s,t,T}],{v,0,t}]
H1[t_,T_,a_,b_,c_,k_]=Integrate[h1,{T,t,T}] Iyuan Chuang

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