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Mark Griggs
02/28/00 05:34am

There must be a very simple way to do what I need done, but I cant figure it out on my own. I would appreciate help from anyone, I am quite desperate. I have two columns of data in a file called data.txt. The first column is the x data, the second column is the y data. I am able to read the data easily enough into mathematica 4.0 on my linux machine. and graph x vs. y, but how can I graph x vs. y^2. I am not sure how to manipulate the colum of data.

To read the data, I used data=ReadList['data.txt',{Real},{Real}]
this gives me coordinates that I can graph with ListPlot[data]....How can I square the second column

I hope this post is clear, because I really need to figure this out quickly.



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Help with data Mark Griggs 02/28/00 05:34am
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