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Haidong Chang
03/31/97 2:07pm

I have the student version of mathematica 3.0 on a power macintosh.
I have data from an experiment which collects current v. potential
data and saves in a text file (*.TXT). In a psreadsheet eg. Excel,
it appears as two columns (with a '','' ,delimiter) eg. 370, 1.69e-8
368, 1.67e-8 (400 data set pairs) I can use this data in packages
like Sigma Plot but I would like to be able to manipulate this data
in my mathematica. When I use ''open special'' to import the data
the data appears in the same type of column format as in a spreadsheet.
How can I convert this into a series of data pairs or list eg. {370,
1.69e-8}, {368, 1.68e-8}... so that I can plot and use the data in

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