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Heinz Reif
03/01/13 10:50am

I want to minimize a function defined by a Module[]using NMinimize.
The actual Module is very large, so I take an example, which will arise the problem.


NMinimize[ {fuct[x, y, z] ,
x \[Element] Integers && y \[Element] Integers &&
z \[Element] Integers && x > 2000 && 13 > y > -1 && 32 > z > -1}, {x,y, z}]

fuct[] works correctly, but NMinimize send the message:

AbsoluteTime::arg : "Argument {x, y, z}
cannot be interpreted as a date or time input.

and does not find the minimum.

Does someone know a solution for the problem?


URL: ,

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